Funny and interesting past

I may have born in a country side in a middle class family, yet had a decent education up to Masters. In my life, till to day i didn’t do any thing that is help full to humanity. yet i am determined to do some thing to the humanity, so that it can be a memorable thing after my life, may be serve as a example to the next generation.

Hear i want to mention one of my brothers, “Naveen” who is working for a famous battery company in India. He is the inspiration for me for writing the blog, because he has been writing dairy for very long time, i think more than 25 years ever missing a single day. Don’t you think it is wonder full!. Ever missing a single day, for past 25 years.

My miserable past!

I exactly can’t remember where i studied my nursery “LKG/UKG” what we call in India. But i know i wouldn’t have done well. I remember that i studied my UKG in a school near CTR. I do remember that, one day i gave all my food to a dog and i told to my mom that, dog asked me “tavale, tavale” so i gave it. Still to day my mom use to tell me when ever i give food to dog. that is one thing that i sill remember till to day.

I studied my 1st class in a school near irala near kanipakam, where lord vinayaka resides. i was and is an average kid, one day we are supposed to write an exam. I don’t know any thing for any of the exams. So i did one thing that is really bad. I wrote down all the answers on the raper of the assignment book and you would expect i was cot even before going to exam. On the same day or the next day we had running competition. Nearly 25 to 30 students were selected for the competition, i was the kid who came at the last place. My aunt commented and embraced me in front of all the other students. That day on words i never ran or enrolled for the running competition. After few day when i/we are playing in the school near my aunt home, actually we are not supposed to play in the school, it was prohibited for others, other than the school kids. All the other kids escaped by jumping over the wall, but i couldn’t. There i came to know that i have heights and depths phobia. I was caught and i told them that if you let me go, ill cum with all the other kids. They agreed and i betrayed them. After few days later unknowingly i cut my brothers finger, and i/we are terrified. I tried to stop the bleeding, yet the mess that was done earlier. The blood was all over the wall and on my uncles cloths. This made my aunt angry and on the same day when my sister was making mango pickle, i was sitting before the door and i got fever. I told them that i want to see my parents. They came next week.

After that year i was not promoted to next class. I have to study the same class, in the school near by my home. One day i was sitting in the class. Teacher came and he was angry and beating almost all the students. What Weapon do i have? “PEE”? Yes i was terrified and i peed. All the class was laughing, but i was the only kid crying. I am able to skip the class,no no the whole day. I don’t remember much in the school.

Lets do the rest next day.

A day in “KBR”, Hyderabad

KBR one of the well known places in Hyderabad for those who want to enjoy the nature while walking. Yes! That’s true. Even i didn’t believe in that. How on earth there are parks big enough to fit in mega cities like Hyderabad. But i am wrong. There are parks with a did miter of 10 to 12 kilometers in Hyderabad.

Let’s have a look at the KBR park basic map view.

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